About me

A passionate full stack software engineer having 8+ years of experience in building scalable enterprise systems. I have worked predominantly with the JVM and Javascript ecosystem but currently exploring Rails. For me, software engineering is all about solving problems in the most optimal way. I am an avid practitioner of clean code practices and love to read about System Design and Architectures. When I am not coding I love to play playstation, read anything about aviation or go out for a long drive and of-course I am foodie by heart.

  • Worked on Java, Ruby, Groovy and MERN stack
  • Language agnostic
  • Functional Programming enthusiast
  • Good understanding of Algorithms, Data Structures, Design Patterns, OO Principles and MVC architecture.
  • Extremely interested in learning new technologies and tools.
  • Good communication skills and experienced working with teams of different sizes.
  • Good understanding of the Agile methodology.
  • Advanced level understanding of various Ground Control Stations(GCS) namely Mission Planner, QGround Control and InFlight