Since beginning my career, I have had a chance to work on some of the great Products.

Drone Control Application (

It is a software application, running on a ground-based computer, that communicates with UAV via wireless telemetry. It displays real-time data on the UAVs performance and position and can serve as a “virtual cockpit”, showing many of the same instruments that you would have if you were flying a real plane. It is used to control a UAV in flight, uploading new mission commands, setting parameters, playing back the recorded telemetry logs and caching a map.

Roles and Responsibilities :-

  • Gained knowledge of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) namely PIXHawks, Lancasters, Fixed Wings, Quad-copters and Multi-roters. Specially, their working and assembly.
  • Gained complete knowledge of Mavlink Protocol used to communicate GCS with UAVs
  • Implemented various Custom Mavlink messages along with Sliding window Protocol.
  • Single handedly built and shipped the Project.
  • Created Telemetry Log system which helps to recover the logs in case of Drone gets crashed.

Tech Stack - Java 8, JavaFX, Mapbox, Jenkins.

Tournament Scheduling App

Created a scheduling algorithm for Bracket and Round Robin tournaments.

Tech Stack - Rails, React, Postgres.

Trivia App

It was a quiz app, designed for CSGO online gaming platform so, before each round it publishes a question fox example Who is gonna win this round and people would answer it so before next round starts we needed to calculate the leaderboard and scores for each of the user. I had built scoring and leaderboard engine for the same using self balanced binary search tree(SBBST). Detailed design is mentioned here.

Tech Stack - NodeJS, React, Postgres, Aerospike.

Dating App

It was a dating app similar to tinder but having 4 swipes instead of 2 was its USP so on User Card it shows Compatibilty Factor which is basically a percentage tells you how compatible you could be with the other user. So, in order to calculate that I used logisctic regression.

Tech Stack - NodeJS, Expo React Native, Postgres, GraphQL.

Scheduling algorithm for Disaster Recovery Service Provider

Worked for an enterprise client which is into Disaster Recovery Services so they provide systems to client to backup the data in case of Disasters, I contributed to building scheduling algorithm to plan the jobs on machines efficiently.

Tech Stack - Java 8, Spring Boot, Jenkins.

Media App (

Worked on news/content discovery app, which aggregates news and media from trusworthy sources, summarizes them and present it to the user.

Tech Stack - Rails, React, Postgres, Kubernetes.

Food Delivery App (

Currently working on a Food Delivery platform which delivers High-quality, fully premium cooked meals to doorsteps.

  • Leading the tech side of the project.
  • Working on Rails apps and using Rails engines extensively to build microservices like architecture
  • Scaling up of Rails apps
  • Architecting the front-end using React, Redux, GraphQL Apollo and integrated APIs
  • Working on GraphQL as an alternative to REST APIs
  • Integrating with third-party services like Shipstation to enable order fulfillment and deliveries
  • Assisting the Frontend and Mobile team in implementing best practices like caching and async fetching and using Sidekiq extensively for async processing
  • Capturing requirements and disseminating findings to team members

Tech Stack - Rails, React, Postgres, Heroku, CircleCI, AWS, Sidekiq